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Online Brand Protection and Optimisation

Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services (DBS) helps corporations manage, protect and optimise their brands online to maximise the value of their digital assets.

As one of the world leaders in online brand management, Melbourne IT DBS provides the expertise required to manage and protect brands on the Internet through 15 offices around the world.

As the online business landscape increases in scope and opportunity, the complexity and risk associated with managing digital brands and transacting on the web is also increasing.  Hundreds of companies including some of the world’s most recognisable names – such as Volvo, LEGO and GlaxoSmithKline – trust us to help them manage their online brands.

Our Services

Corporate Domain Management

Providing effective domain name management solutions on a global scale which allow organisations to successfully manage and minimise risks, reduce costs and protect their digital assets on the Internet.

Online Brand Protection

Protecting brands against online security threats and fraud through sophisticated monitoring, security and infringement response services.

Online Brand Optimisation

Providing in-depth Search Engine and Website Optimisation consultancy to help companies increase the quality of their website traffic and improve sales conversion rates.