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Digital Recording Solutions

For The Record (FTR) is a leading global provider of digital recording and content management solutions for justice and civic venues.

FTR provides easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and innovative solutions which enable customers to capture, index, access and manage digital audio and video recordings and linked notes across the organisation. Our technology helps significantly lower transciption costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

FTR has a proven track record of success, providing more than 22,500 digital recording solutions for court rooms, law enforcement and public hearing venues across 47 countries.

Our Services

Digital Recording & Content Management Software

Delivering a range of software applications to capture, store and manage digital audio, video content and linked notes, allowing rapid indexing and retrieval of pre-recorded content.

Digital Recording Hardware

Offering state of the art, digital recording, playback, archiving and annotation solutions to replace aging analogue systems and to enhance the digital recording experience.

Digital Recording Accessories

Providing a range of accessories designed to complement the digital recording experience, including headsets, foot controls, clocks and an online service to expedite the electronic delivery of recorded audio and video for review and transcription.